Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Grandbaby Has Arrived!!!

She has arrived right on time! She is a beauty----she really is! Words can not describe this precious gift from God, He surely pulled out all the finest ingredient creating her.

She was about one hour old when she posed with her First "Lil Booger Bow" ! She is strong, beautiful, and bright eyed, just like her Mama. Audrey did a super job during delivery, and there is no doubt in my mind and heart she will be a #1 mom. I'm so thankful that she has two christian parents!

Congratulations to Audrey & Josh for their precious little bundle, and "Thank You Both" from the bottom of my intermost being for giving me the most beauitful little grandbaby!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Waiting Game!!

Yes, we're waiting on my grandbabyto arrive!! Her Estimated Time of Arrival is September 23, and it looks as if she's not too excited to come into this big wide world too early. We, Audrey's mother in law, and myself, tried to walk her out, but no avail. She's just got her "special day, hour and moment planned from God, and when He's ready, she's ready!! Mama Audrey is ready though, bags packed and ready to hold that little "blessing".

Tomorrow , if she doesn't come, I will be making cinnamon rolls, buttercream candles, and probably a few more yummy goodies. Tarts for Miss Cathy Cobblestone are baked, bagged and labelled, ready to deliver, so I'll see you one day this week Miss Cathy! Thanks for choosing "Kindlelight Blessings" to bless your friends and customers with at your 10th Year Anniversary! Best of Luck on September 27 - your Fall Anniversary, and for the next 10 years. Thank you for your hard work in giving the community a quality gift shop to be proud of!

Friends and customers, please continue to check our blog, and website - along with Cobblestone Farms to give you the newest fragrances, bakery goodies to scent you home with! Thanks for your business, and God Bless!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kindlelight Blessings & Fossil Hill Pottery

Hi Friends,
What a beauitful day, isn't life Great!
Just wanted to give you some news. I am combining talents with a good friend, Jama, from Fossil Hill Pottery to create a totally
Kentucky Hand Crafted Item. This Pottery Artist is from Taylorsville, close to the big city of Louisville. She is hand-throwing crocks that I am filling with "Blessings". Each crock is unique, and each candle is highly scented and wrapped in cello with a "Handcrafted in Kentucky" Tag.
This does not replace our jar or bakery items, it just an Extra Blessing! This is a great gift, but order your soon for the holidays, because these crocks are one of a kind.
Fossil Hill Pottery is doing an out of town craft show :
The Past & Present Craft Show
Harrisburg, IL
September 27, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome Fall

Good Morning Friends.........
I'm so ready for cool crisp mornings, red, golden, and orange leaves on trees, the smell of bonfires and roasted marshmallows~what about you?
I'm working on some super scented candles, in jars, bakery, and tarts, and guess what ~ they're calorie free! I'm getting ready to pour some yummy Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Zanzibar Clove. I believe you'll be surprised how wonderful they smell. It's not too early to start thinking about gifts, and giving a "Kindlelight Blessings" is affordable, something that people will use, and a bonus~they'll think of you when the aroma permeates their senses and livin' space!
My prayer for this past week has been simple.........Trust & Obey

Until next time, thanks for checking us out. Don't forget to link to our website, and check out too! Thanks and God Bless


Also Friends, let's keep our Gulf Coast Friends on our prayer list, and pray that God would calm the storm!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm a New Blogger!

Well, I guess you can say I am offically a blogger. I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog, (mainly because my daughter...)

I want to start by saying that I absolutely love my family and could not do what I love without them! God is working in my life and it is absolutely awesome! The most exciting thing is I'm going to have a new grandbaby and we're waiting for her any time now. My daughter, Audrey, is soooo excited, and the mama of this soon to be born baby girl. She's also a professional educator in our community at the extension office. My life consist of my hard workin' hubby, Gary, my 14 year old son, Zach - who has just started playing football, and lifting weights, my Tennessee daughter, Ashley- who is a 1st grade teacher, and a mighty fine one at that, my son - Garrett, who is recently married, and will soon be graduating college in December-yeah!!!, and my daughter - Jaime, who has provided my hubby and myself with a beauitful lil' 5 year old grandson. My life couldn't get any better! :)

Kindlelight Blessings

Thanks to Audrey, she's helping me getting this blog going. I'm so thankful to have just enjoyed 6 wonderful revival services! God is so good........This weekend I'm gonna be pouring my "blessings" and will be putting them onto my website hopefully by Monday. Please make sure you check out my site, and any of you locals----go to Cobblestone Farms to purchase your favorite "Kindlelight Blessings" jar, bakery item or tart! (Save your postage!) And thank you to all of you that purchase my "blessings".

Don't forgot to check out "lil' Booger Bows" link too!