Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More and More Air Fresheners.......

Hi folks,

I'm so excited about this fall. I have so many yummy scented candles, tarts, and air fresheners in the makin'. As all of you know who do hand crafted item, you gotta get a head start and plan plan plan for up coming seasons, and well, fall is my favorite so I love love love that.

If you see something that you would like to purchase, give me a holler (comment), and I'll hook you up with a gift shop that you can purchase it at, or buy direct from me.

Thanks, and I'll post more pictures soon.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kindlelight Blessings New Air Fresheners & a Cutie

Me, Ashley & Natalie--what a sweetie!

Just a sample of New Air Freshener-handpainted and scented ~ So cute, prim and delightful!

Here is just a sample of what's to come. I would like to ask my vendors to put in their orders soon so I can make sure that I can have your fall/winter orders ready. These will go fast, they are so cute, smell awesome.......and remember, they can rescented with my refresher oils.

And just a note, theses holiday air fresheners can be doubled as a ornament for a tree. It will not only look really cute, but give that wonderful fragrance in your home, 24 - 7.

These are handpainted by me, no two are alike----a unique gift to add in a card too.

Enjoy and Welcome Fall Soon!

thanks for taking a peak, and please leave a comment if you visit.........


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well, my hubby is building me a cottage in my backyard for my candle makin' and sellin'. It will give me oodles of counterspace, light, and NO STEPS........yeah. I'm not strong enough anymore to carry 60 plus pounds of candle wax up and down a flight of stairs. The outside is going on on monday.....I can't wait. Inside walls, electric etc will have to be finished. Hopefully it will be soon.......

AND..........."The Traveling Chicks" are coming to town.
Actually a group of us ladies are getting together to sell our wares and handcrafted items. We'll be traveling from place to place, setting up a day of shopping and fun. The details will come soon, but I'll let you in on one item.....Kindlelight Blessings Candles....yes, lots and lots of yummy tarts, hand rolled cinnamon buns, jar candles and much more, with added surprises, scents, and oh, I can't forget thoughs delightful new Air Fresheners. Pumpkins, gingerbread men, and new...apples, of course scented with delicious scents of all kinds of apple, Apple and Cinnamon, Hot Apple Pie, McIntosh Apple, and Yummy sticky Carmel Apple. The ladies and they're featured item I will tell you about in future post. A few to mention to get your imagination going.........Lil' Booger Bows, Cathy at Cobblestone Farms, Angelina's cookware and accessories, some bling and bangle, and more in the makin.

Add us as a friend to find out about our adventures. I will be linking a blog link to find out exclusively about "The Traveling Chicks"

Blessings for a great weekend.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm Back from a really BUSY summer.

Well I've posted that I had a new grandbaby, and yes, she's as cute as a button. My two daughters, Audrey and Ashley surprised me for a terrific lunch. Ashley traveled unexpectly , and the two girls along with my precious grandbabies met me for lunch. Being a Grandmama is so much more than I ever dreamed. Words just can't describe it!
I'll post some pic soon of my lil' sweethearts soon.

I'm gearing up for some heavy candle and air freshener makin'. Fall is around the corner, and candles will be burning in the olde homestead in might way. I have a lot of new yummies in the makin'. Anyone ever heard of butternut pumpkin? Well let me tell you YUM~MY. , and of course Hazelnut Delite, Carrot Cake, Candy Corn, Hot Apple Pie, Country Harvest.......just to name a few. There will be a favorite scent for everyone to choose. I've also added to my line, refresher oils, to scent your air fresheners. What an awesome gift to tuck in a card is a pretty prim punkin air freshener, scented with a delightful fall fragrance.

Will post pic soon. Hubby is working on my new "Kindlelight Blessings Candle Cottage", and hopefully it will be ready by fall. I'm so excited, it should make my production 3 fold. Thanks so much for checking out my little space in this world. May your days be filled with sunshine, laughter, love and mostly the Lord.

Blessings to you,