Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kindlelight Blessings Website

Hi Friends,

This past spring I decided to turn my website off because I felt that I was not getting enough orders........SORRY, mistake. I didn't realize how much business the site allowed my customers local and elsewhere to preview my goods. My site will be turned back on within 24 hours, however, I am going to update and give a face lift within the next couple weeks. Please leave your website comments that you took a peek, just so I can tell that this is reaching all the customers and lookers that I would love to reach. Sorry that I can't put a "SMELL" button on, but trust me, my goods smell as good as they look.

Remember, you can still purchase my candles, tarts, air fresheners at the gift shops that carry them. Cobblestone Farms, Country Porch Primitives, and Mykas Primitive Gifts. Ask for these goods at your favorite gift shop. The website is: www.kindlelightblessings.com

As always, thank you for taking a peek. God Bless you and yours.