Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello Friends--Where have I been?

Well to tell you the truth, it's been a very busy spring/beginning summer. I don't spend a lot of time for fun on the computer---I'm just too busy. I've opened my Candle Cottage, spending time pulling weeds, planting flowers, making candles and tarts, and then doing my public job on top of being a wife, mom, maid, Sunday School teacher, and resting when I sit down. I love life for sure, and miss blogging, but I've also notice many great bloggers are more winter time bloggers as well. Here's a few pictures of my cottage, creations etc. Hope to become more faithful in the future.

Some new scents for tarts are a new creation.....Blackberry Cobbler, plump little blackberries on a square of cobbler, oozing with scent and juice on top...........Pumpkin mulled cider..omgosh!!!This wonderful tart I believe is my has raisins and chopped nuts on top, and a scent that will be a very favorite to many, it's mine for sure!