Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Been Sooo Long.....

Hi Friends,

I haven't been the best blogger, but I promise to do better. I've changed jobs and Christmas....but I am creating and getting ready to update, and post new pictures for new tarts and candles. I've done some Key Lime Pie tarts, and oh so yummy smelling as well as beauitful. They are scented through and through with delicious key lime, covered with a creamy white topping of key lime and curls of zesta lime on top, and of course a lil' bling and sparkle! Apricot and Cream tartlets with creamy frosting and a chunk of apricot on the top as well. I will be also making some Lemon Drops, and oodles of other delicious yummies.

Have a safe and super New Years---and thanks for stopping by to my little blog of the cyberworld.

Blessings to All, Linda

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