Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cool Crisp Weather-Fall is Here!!!

I just love love love fall! It's my favorite time of the year.

Hi Friends,

I've been gone for over a week from blogging and getting my hands in the wax and creativity. I've got a great excuse, I've been cuddling up my new grandbaby. Oh, she is such a doll. She's flawless, and I mean it! Mother and daughter are doing well, and adjusting to everything great!

Best wishes to Jama--she just got married today! This past weekend she had a festival in Illinois, and did great! I know the people that bought pottery, and crocks with "Kindlelight Blessings" in them will be enjoying their purchase! Don't forget, Christmas is around the corner, stock up for the unexpected gifts too! Giving a crock full of blessings, well you just can't beat that!

I'm firing up the kettles this weekend to produce some yummy bakery candles and tarts. It won't be long before I have a good supply of Christmas and winter fragrances to choose from, Christmas Tree, Dickens Christmas, Ole Fashion Bayberry, Candy Cane, Plum Streusel......and more!

Cathy from Cobblestone Farms Fall gathering was a huge success. Thanks again to Cathy Cobblestone for carrying our line of Kindlelight Blessings Candles. Locals, get your favorite scents at Green County's favorite gift shop. She also has her little shop busting with other awesome goodies, please check it out!

Until Next time- Thanks from the bottom of my heart! Have a great week............Linda

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