Sunday, May 10, 2009

Awesome New Air Fresheners that will Kick Your Socks Off!

Blooming Flowers-- a "Cobblestone Farm" Exclusive
This darling flower air fresheners are an exclusive for Cobblestone Farms. They are handpainted in bright bold spring & tropical colors oozing with scent and charm. They each have a flower and a little bling1added to them to give them some sparkle and jazz. The scents for them are: Freshed Picked Blackberries, Juicy Summer Strawberries, Island Pina Colada, Kickin' Key Lime, Orange Twist, Hawaiian Breeze, Sun Sweetened Mulberry, Apricot & Cream, and Cotton Fresh.
Prim Canning Jar Air Freshener

Prim Stars with Prim sayings on them---

Prim Pumpkin air fresheners that are scented in Fall fragrances

Prim Gingerbread Men--so cute and yummy, scented in my Prim Scents

Really Cute Footballs---will be scented in selections to follow


Julie said...

I just can't believe you make these! They are so pretty!
And how on earth did you learn to make them?!?!?
You're just "too cool for school"!!! Seriously, that's too neat!

Hope that you had a beautiful mother's day!

Many Blessings,

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Linda - they look AWESOME and well, I know they even smell better than they look - if that's possible. You do such an amazing job - you deserve every blessing you receive. Keep up the good work! Cathy