Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well, my hubby is building me a cottage in my backyard for my candle makin' and sellin'. It will give me oodles of counterspace, light, and NO STEPS........yeah. I'm not strong enough anymore to carry 60 plus pounds of candle wax up and down a flight of stairs. The outside is going on on monday.....I can't wait. Inside walls, electric etc will have to be finished. Hopefully it will be soon.......

AND..........."The Traveling Chicks" are coming to town.
Actually a group of us ladies are getting together to sell our wares and handcrafted items. We'll be traveling from place to place, setting up a day of shopping and fun. The details will come soon, but I'll let you in on one item.....Kindlelight Blessings Candles....yes, lots and lots of yummy tarts, hand rolled cinnamon buns, jar candles and much more, with added surprises, scents, and oh, I can't forget thoughs delightful new Air Fresheners. Pumpkins, gingerbread men, and new...apples, of course scented with delicious scents of all kinds of apple, Apple and Cinnamon, Hot Apple Pie, McIntosh Apple, and Yummy sticky Carmel Apple. The ladies and they're featured item I will tell you about in future post. A few to mention to get your imagination going.........Lil' Booger Bows, Cathy at Cobblestone Farms, Angelina's cookware and accessories, some bling and bangle, and more in the makin.

Add us as a friend to find out about our adventures. I will be linking a blog link to find out exclusively about "The Traveling Chicks"

Blessings for a great weekend.


Audrey said...

Yeah! I'm so excited!

Cathy Cobblestone said...

I'm looking forward to being a travelin' chick with ya Ms. Linda. The fall and Christmas air freshners look fantastic - can't wait to get some for the shop. I need to order something from ya - I'll holler at you tomorrow. Have a good night - Cathy

Ribbons -n- Rags said...


I just found your blog and saw the post on Traveling Chicks (I also saw it in Cathy's newsletter). Anyway, do you take applications or how does one become involved with your group? I think this is a great idea and might be interested. I go to several festivals and set up my wares but am always looking for more marketing opportunities. I look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle E.