Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OUCH---what crafters won't do........

Crafters will do most anything to get the job done...right? Well stupid me tring to work too fast ramed a crochet hook thru the palm of my hand to the top.....ouch is not a strong enough word let me tell you. I'm going to spare you of the gory details, but God is so good! No permanent damage was done, just slowed me down a bit. I am so Thankful for a fast recovery, as well as for the Lord, my family, my job, friends, and my love for creating.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving....

With Love,

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Caths Pennies Designs said...

Oh my, that sounds painful. It's the hazards of the profession though, isn't it? My fingertips are calloused from all of the needle jabs I give them daily. My family now ignores me when I say "Ouch" because they've heard me say it so many times!
Hoping you and your crochet needle have made up and become friends again.