Friday, December 4, 2009

Back from Lexington and had a fabulous time...

A group of us girls....The Travelin Chicks, went to Lexington to peddle our wares. So much fun....We had such a good time of meeting new people and enjoying each others friendship....I had a blast.

Audrey with her "Lil Booger Bows", had hats, bows, and a "new" creation, her "clippy". They sold like hotcakes. They are a little flower with a button or bling in the center.....every girl should have several to stick in the hair, or use as a pin or a outfit or coat. They are really unusual, and oh so reasonable. Contact her at: or at

Cathy, from Cobblestone Farms, had her unique handpainted ornaments that she sat and customized for excited Christmas Shoppers. Plus her one of a kind heirloom vintage braclets, were an awesome gift to be lucky to get. Cathy is a wonderful friend, mother, wife, and talented artist, whom I'm so happy to be in her circle of friends. She has a wonderful little gift shop on south 61 in Historic Green County Kentucky. Check her out at

Angelina, the creator of the idea of "The Travelin' Chicks" , made her gourmet goodies, Oreo Balls and sold her Pampered Chef. She was a deliteful sales lady, and she is such an upbeat motivator and friend. Thanks Angelina for your work pulling this all together!

Linda, "Me", I peddled my Candles, Potpourri, and Air Fresheners. I made a new contact for a wholesale account, and hopefully will soon have my Kindlelight Blessings in several fine gift shops. Dickens Christmas, Hazelnut Delite, Oodles of Snickerdoodles all seemed to be a Hit fragrance this season.

Thanks for stopping by in my little neck of the woods. We all have products from head to toe, it's One Stop Shopping when you shop with a "Chick".



Linda said...

Hi Linda......I just discovered your blog and real like what I have read.
You seem to have so much fun doing what you do!
I will keep checking back to see more pictures and hear about what you are up to.

linabean said...

Linda! I had a wonderful time as well! Truly you all are such special people and when you put all of our unique persinalities together we are unstoppable. Thanks for everything!
<3 Angelina