Sunday, January 17, 2010

The most Awesome Gift!

Hi Friends,

I recieved the most awesome gift from my sister......She compiled a book of letters sent from my dad to my Grandparents while he was in Vietnam. My dad was drafted in the army when I was 5 years old. I can still remember sitting at my Nanny's and Poppy's house being very quite as we watched on the tv, all the names of the soliders killed in action. Fortunately, my dad's name was never on the list, and he safely returned upon the illness and death of my poppy, just about 60 days before he was due to get out. My dad was always very precious to me. I loved teasing him, getting him worked up, but that was just a fun thing to do at the time. In some ways I'm like him a lot, but in other ways, totally opposite. I noticed that my older daughter Audrey is like him in several ways, when she's ready to go, she's ready to go. She's left handed, and a little hyper like him at times. Ashley is thrifty like he was. My dad passed away at a young age of 53., 19 years ago in June. He came home safely and alive from Vietnam, but I have a feeling that he was affected by agent orange. So anyway, thanks for letting me share. Thanks again Sis, I will always treasure the book you made for me with love.

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