Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kindred Spirits

This is John O'Banion, son of one of my most beloved friends, Betty. John's music is found on my song list. He passed away 2 years ago, 2 days shy of his 60th birthday. His tragic death was complicated by an accident that happened to him in New Orleans years ago, leaving certain damage done to his brain. He was an passionate singer, actor, friend, father, husband, and son. Although John and his family made his home Hollywood, his terrific mother makes her home in a small town in Kentucky, a neighboring community of mine. Betty is my "Kindred Spirit" friend. Although she's thirty something years older than me, I couldn't ask for a sweeter friend. This beloved friend of mine prays for me, share jokes and laughs with me. We've shared recipes of tweeking candle making and other crafts. She is a very giving person, and I'm a better person just for knowing her. If you want to read more about John, just google his name, John O'Banion. Andy Williams, Johnny Carson, and several other people is worked with. He became a big name in Japan, even now, his is well known and loved by the Japanese people. Please listen to the two songs I have on my tunes. (#1 and #7 on my playlist)
Most of all, remember the special people in your life now, give them a call, drop them a note, or if they've passed on..........light a candle and just remember...............<spanPhotobucket src="" border=0>


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Linda! What a treat to met you! I am so thrilled you love the detergent! I am thrilled myself that I finally made it! Thanks for your post on my blog! Wow, you make some wonderful soaps! Might have to get me some! I bet Cathy's store is so darling! I have always enjoyed reading her blog and looking at the pictures. Your friends son's music is beautiful. Some talent he had. I have friends of many ages, way younger, way older and in between! Aren't friends the best no matter what age! Hope to see you more! Have a wonderful weekend and tell Cathy hello the next time you see her.


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...


Me again Linda! I knew you made candles...sorry, I had soap on my brain! Thanks for the tips! Talk soon! ~Maryjane

kisses and cupcakes said...

hi there!
found you thru daisy cottage!
what a sweet blog : )
i think it is wonderful that you have his
music! he
seems like a wonderful person - it's so hard
when you miss people, huh.
i'll keep visiting your page - i like his songs!
stay well !
kisses and cupcakes,

Betty Jo said...

Friendship is ageless, and I'm so glad you and Betty found each other. I'm so sorry for the loss of her dear and gifted son. ♥