Friday, February 6, 2009

My Beautiful Grandbaby

A Big thank you to Audrey.....She's tring to keep me on track and up to date with my blog. She's my talented daughter, Extension Agent for my community, and also the mother of my beautiful grandbaby. She also is the owner and bow artist for "Lil Booger Bows".

One thing I must admit, my blog does not show my true talent or personality. I look at so many other blogs and am so impressed by how much the blog reflects the peoples personality. I just don't have the knowledge to create on the computer, but I'm not giving up! I haven't figured out how to juggle my public work, family life, creating wonderful candles, being a great mom and grandmama, serving the Lord and having a great blog. Someday, the Lord willith, it will all come together.

Thanks for sticking with me, and hopefully with practice I can inspire you from my little part of the world.Photobucket

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